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"Heal thy self."


"The Work."

The most ancient of the healing arts are a magnificent body of work.  Even within the darkest points, from Shamanic Dismemberment to an echo of Jungian Shadow Work, to Solve et Coagula of the Spirit, this oldest form of healing is done with love, for love and often times-- "by love."


"Medicine rests upon four pillars - philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, and ethics."


“A physician should be a servant to nature.” –Paracelcus.

Though Hermetic Texts are littered with difficult riddles, and occulted symbolism, allegory, and metaphor, Hermetic Healing once realized, is a holistic concept of healing; soul (mind), body, spirit.  It is based on the premise that all things have a spiritual (energetic intelligence) component.  And that this also affects, or works in tandem, with our physical reality. 

According to Hermetic Principles, "That which is below corresponds to that which is above."

Hermetic Healing is not a religion.  It is just one aspect of the Arts and Sciences of The Ancient Mystery Schools.

Spiritually, we are made in the image of God.  We too can work with the unseen forces and powers in acts of creation, and yes, for great destruction.  For this reason, much of the knowledge regarding The Mysteries has been kept "occulted." (The term occulted simply means "hidden.") 

The Art of Hermetic Healing was once the domain of the Priestcraft in the earliest civilizations and the mystery of its fully realized form has been lost in the mists of time.  Hermetic Arts are said to be so old they predate the cataclysm of 12,900 years ago, yet they survived for a good reason.  They worked. They were complete, they were whole—or Holistic—or “Holy.”

Hermes Mercurius is the author of the first words written on The Hermetic Arts and Mysteries.  Only The Moral were allowed to become initiates who would continue on to perpetuate The Arcanum, so powerful was this knowledge.  Healing was a combination of philosophy, science and spiritual practices.  Hermes, also known as Thoth, Djeuty, Hermes Trismegistis/Hermes Thrice Great, was one of the first god-men to found the land now known as Egypt.  Then, it was called KMT or Khemet. The term Chemistry comes from this.

Hermetic Principles, some of the most confounding and occulted (hidden) concepts found in the ancient world, are based on The Seven with two unspoken principles “care” and “gratitude.”  Today, Quantum Physics finds them “true to form.” The ancient and first Magicians, The Magi, knew this “to be true” as well.  As did the Shemshu Hor of Egypt.  It’s been said Hermetic Medicine had its origins with The Serpent People, or first people of knowledge, who were said to be survivors of the great cataclysm. 

"First, do no harm..."


While modern physicians credit Hippocrates with being the father of medicine, the ancient Therapeutæ ascribed to the immortal Hermes, or Thoth, has the distinction of being the father of The Art of Healing.  The Pastophorus was devoted exclusively to the science of medicine. The Smaragdine found in the valley of Ebron, and credited to Hermes, is in reality a chemical formula of a high and secret order. It is also a formula which leads to personal, spiritual transformation.

In Core Shamanism, there is an aspect of Jungian Shadow Work, first addressed openly in a modern setting by Carl Jung,  that takes place within an event titled “Shamanic Dismemberment.”  It is a breaking down of our entire subconscious realms.  It can be something one consciously works towards, through, and has invited, or it can rise up making itself known within paranormal events, or even arriving in the form of real life illness or loss.  Some call this dancing with our own demons.  And in this, we can banish them for ever.  

Dismemberment is also found to be in alignment with the spiritual aspect of Solve et Coagula within Alchemy.  It is a precursor to Egyptian “Raising.” (Of consciousness.) The process revolves around destruction and creation. The Alchemical metaphor is calcination, dissolution, separation, conjunction, fermentation, distillation and coagulation.   It is total destruction of everything you no longer need; old programs, traumas and emotional pains as the unconscious is made fully conscious. It is a cleansing.  And from the ashes of destruction, you are reconstituted in a new and beneficial way; you are resurrected, now purified emotionally and whole-- holy.  You have shed what no longer serves you in a healthy manner-- you are "lighter;" you are "enlightened."  When you are enlightened, you have risen in consciousness.  "The Art of Raising (The Living Dead; those who are not aware)."     

Again, this can be purely spiritual work or it can come for you in ordinary reality.  It's been said what you don't go in for, will eventually come for you. In other words, if life takes you apart, you must do the work and will yourself back together into a new you, so to speak.  It is the metaphor of the caterpillar into nothing into butterfly.  Most do not know that the caterpillar is reduced to gel within the cocoon and reorganizes every single cell into a new life form—the butterfly.  It is then it flies above its old world with a new perspective.  

As a survivor of a traumatic life event, you have learned something.  And with spiritual dismemberment, you have learned to shed the emotion associated with the trauma.  Experience, without emotional attachment becomes “wisdom.”  You have Dismembered and Re-membered in a new and purified way without the traumatic residue of your life event.  Rather than turn to medications, a student is supported and guided through the trauma that Spiritual Dismemberment can present.  When Spiritual Dismemberment comes upon us, its true purpose, its hidden and misunderstood purpose, is to create growth and change in one’s life.  It is God's Way of bringing us closer to The Divinity within ourselves.  Some Theurgists have said we are all born with a Holy Guardian Angel and a Demon.  Everything in creation has a Divine Purpose.  Even, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, our traumatic life events.    

As CS Lewis said “Pain removes the veil.” 

In other words, it opens us to new possibilities of awareness.


The belief that nearly all diseases have their origin in the invisible nature of man (the emotional or Astrum) is a fundamental precept of Hermetic Medicine.  In other words, anything and everything can cause disease, not just that which exists on the physical plane. Disease can be understood as “Dis-Ease.”  There are mental causes to our suffering such as the most common “stress.” With stress, energies are held within the body and must be released for physical healing to occur.  And there are spiritual causes, such as predatory drains of energies and lack of connection to The All That Is.  These things are acknowledged with the Holistic approach of Hermetic Healing.  

Paracelsus taught that a person with a depressed mental attitude could poison his own etheric nature, and this infection, diverting the natural flow of vital life force, would later appear as a physical ailment. Today, we see this concept confirmed within the studies of autoimmune diseases.  We also see it within the study of Bruce Lipton’s Epigenetics studies which says the brain is the chemist and creates or heals disease according to “the state of mind.”  The brain, or chemist, responds to “how it perceives the world.”  If it perceives the world as a dark place, it will secrete stress chemicals such as cortisone which are not life affirming.  If it perceives the world as a welcoming place it will secrete hormones of health. 

A part of Hermetic Healing is to change one’s perspective within their life so healing may occur.  And understanding to “why” things occur within the grand scheme of things is integral.  It is a part of “care” and one aspect of this is taking “talking time.”  Today we understand it as psychology, spiritual counseling or coaching, or even at times it is simply “listening.”  Hermetic healers and Shamans alike were the first psychologists.  They knew one’s psyche better than one knew it themselves.

Muscle testing, or body dowsing, is an ancient art.  It was applied to the Earth by the First Masons, Master Builders, or Geomancers of Egypt.  From this knowledge, under the second Hermetic Principle, it was applied to the human body by the Priestcraft.  Known today as Applied Kinesiology, it is used to determine unhealthy energies and memories held within the body as well as determining environmental allergies, food allergies, and medication allergies. The body is the most sensitive “divining” instrument known to man. Even when applied to the earth, with Adepts, the body itself is used alone without the need for a pendulum or dowsing rods. 


A part of the ancient hermetic healing arts was hypnotic regression—and at times suggestion.  We see the aspect of suggestion today in hypnotherapy, with for example, weight management and smoking cessation.  However, true regression can address not only traumatic life events, but past life events, and even spiritual abduction events (which some may perceive as extraterrestrial or ultra-dimensional in nature.)  In ancient times, the latter was considered as an event that concerned "the gods."

Toning is another method of healing self and others; sound is an ancient form of healing for release and balancing.  Drumming, or sonic driving, induces trance states and has been used since the beginning of time as well as singing bowls, songs and chants. 

Guided meditations and altered states of consciousness, sometimes done as “Sitting Out” (in nature) are a part of the ancient curriculum.  To travel in spirit to the All That Is, consciousness to Consciousness, is a balancing experience; it creates coherence with the mind, body and spirit.  When you are coherent you are in balance; you are within The Middle Pillar. Coherence not only moves one closer to uniting the alchemical archetype of "the marriage of heaven and earth," it unites all four quarters by adding sacred masculine-feminine/right brain-left brain hemispheres to the equation.  And this, is what we refer to as "Spiritual Gold."  The symbol of Alchemical Gold, itself, speaks to it.  It is the transformation from base consciousness to "Spiritual Gold;" higher states of consciousness.

Astrological work which is done in collaboration with aspects of the Cosmos were key above all, still are, and we see this wisdom with Alchemy and High Magic plainly. 

In Egypt, temples were built upon places of natural power; places heavy with telluric energies and magnetic anomalies.  Places with underground water, mineral concentrations and heavy in Granite are conductive.  Located on a magnetic anomaly classifies them as “Electro-magnetic.”  The EMF spectrum is known to create altered states of consciousness, which is the place “where all things happen.”  Healing happens within this state and it is physical, mental and spiritual.  The Pyramid of Giza is one such place; 100 percent of our sacred sites and oldest Cathedrals are built upon these natural, special and mysterious places.  They are the Holy Grails of the Earth; Cauldrons of Balance.  They are conduits of The Divine. 

These places of power were used for healing across the globe and many geomanced monuments are built upon them.  The places themselves “are the healers” and those that experience them feel the intelligence of “Divine” consciousness within them.  They can be found all over the globe, and some may be right in your back yard.  You may be sitting in one, right now.

It is understood that the body is a precious temple; a living portal to other realms.  It must be well fed and cared for, just as the spirit must be fed and cared for.  After all, it is the spirit which descends into matter and form, as it enters this reality.   It has been said that to "heal thy self," or Temet Nosce, "know thy self" will affect your antecedents as well as your descendants in positive ways. How this occurs is one of the great mysteries.

"If you bring forth that which is within you, that which is within you will be your salvation.  If you do not bring forth that which is within you, that which is within you will destroy you."  --The Gnostic Gospels.

But after all is said and done, there is one last and important aspect; the

nurturing and strengthening of the life force within one's own body and mind. This is done with specific methodology; operations that allow one to open and fully access this infinite and omnipresent force.  This force, is life itself. 

"Within every man and woman is a force that directs and controls the entire course of life. Properly used, it can heal every affliction and ailment we may have." --Israel Regardie.

"It is the willed use of such a force that is capable of bringing health to body and mind." --Israel Regardie.

The ancient Khemetians, or Hermeticists, used many methods of healing from a vast body of knowledge and these are only a whisper of them.  The art has survived for thousands of years because it was a symphony of many arts within one discipline. 

Along with a facilitator’s focus, intent, visualization, action, and "care" which is the 8th unspoken and generative principle, and the 9th hidden principle of gratitude, a student can begin the process of restoration with confidence, personal control and a heart unafraid.  This, like properly executed prayer as the ancients performed it-- is magic. Or in the modern world—an aspect of Quantum Understanding.  But once, it was simply called “Medical Alchemy.” 

And yet, and yet still today, as in our ancient past, is it known “by some” as “The Great Work.”

--“A Work” that takes place on all three levels of existence.

Hermetic Healing is not a replacement for Modern Medicine or Psychiatry.  By law I do not prescribe or dispense any supplementations or medications. I fully endorse consultation and care within modern medical and psychiatric arenas.  


The Seven Hermetic Principles

1.  The Principle of Mentalism:  The All is mind; The Universe is mental.

2. The Principle of Correspondence:  As above, so below; as below, so above.

3.  The Principle of Vibration: Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.

4.  The Principle of Polarity:  Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites.

5. The principle of Rhythm: The pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect: Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause.

7.  The Principle of Gender: Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles. Gender manifests on all planes.

Care:  One must have care to do "the work."  Without "care" nothing manifests.

Gratitude:  Divine Consciousness understands two forms of communication-- symbols and emotions.  "Pray" (feel it) as if its already happened.  This is the magic of "gratitude."

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