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From Occultism to Christ--

"At the bottom of every rabbit hole, God is waiting for you."

Eira has studied The Mysteries for over two decades.  She was a practicing Alchemist and was a member of the International Alchemy Guild.  Within the discipline, she was a student of Hermeticism/Hermetic Principles and Hermetic and Alchemistic Philosophy.  She is also a past student of the Golden Dawn system of magic (High or Ceremonial Magic), a past member of The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn (Rosicrucian), a past student of The Institute of Hermetic Studies and has studied within two separate Mystery Schools. She once completed a four year classical study of Global Core Shamanism.        


Eira spent 8 years sequestered in one of Earth’s Power Spots; a privately held archeaology site on the American Continent. During this time she documented, mapped and photographed the site. She also measured the unusual energies found within it (with modern laboratory instruments) for others. During these years her experiences were profound, other-worldly and inexplicable often acting outside the understanding of modern science.  It was here she began to understand the Divine Purpose of these unusual places; 100 percent of our sacred sites are built upon them; 100 percent of our oldest cathedrals and temples are built upon them. Some say Religion was born in them.  It was here those Gates of the Gods were opened within Eira and those gates never closed.  

In 2019 her other worldly experiences took a strange turn for an "Occultist."  She began to experience an unusual and powerful calling which involved The Blessed Mother; Our Lady.  After praying the Rosary for two years each day, and not understanding the compulsion to do so, she experienced an illumination which transformed her life irreversibly.  In an instant, as if a light switch had been thrown inside of her, she was compelled to enter into The Roman Catholic Faith.  Here she is home.

It is her belief that the winding journey she took was necessary, even purposeful; to swim within the many disciplines of the occult; all things which have everything to do with the mysterious powers of the earth, the cosmos and the human psyche. Yet, and yet, if one travels deeply enough into any of these things, travels far enough within them, they will inevitably conclude with a study into The Divine Mysteries themselves-- a study of God Himself. 


Though she has studied many arcane and at times heretical arts and sciences, she has come to know that these things led her, perhaps through the back door, straight to God in a profound way, through the understanding of them. Not born or raised in a Christian tradition, it was if God knew this was the only way she could come to understand He existed.  Her unique path, however, can be only be described as a cautionary tale with a divine twist.


Today she privately embraces Christianity as a member of The Roman Catholic Church and finds time to study the Christian Mysteries with a focus on the work of St. Thomas Aquinas; Thomistic Philosophy. There, she often swims within a classical study of Angelology and Demonology.  She also spends time studying the epic journey of God's "Life" via the Old and New Testaments and occasionally speaks of her journey and experiences based on the unique conclusion of her life story; a conclusion that should never have happened as it did. 


"God is not only mysterious, He consistently works in mysterious ways."  


At the bottom of every rabbit hole, God is waiting for you. 

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